Spots & Dots @ophthalmology: Revisited

Bitot's spot=White,foamy area of keratinising squamous metaplasia of bulbar conjunctiva,seen in vitamin A deficiency.
Brushfield spot=Whitish grey spot in peripheral iris,seen in Down's syndrome.
Elschnig spot=Yellow patches overlying area of choroidal infarction in hypertension.
Fischer-Khunt spot=Senile scleral paque,area of hyalinised sclera anterior horizontal rectus muscle insertion.Seen in old age.
Fuch's spot=Pigmented (RPE hyperplasia) macular leisons in pathological myopia.
Gunn's dot=light reflectios from internal limiting membrane around disc and macula
Horner-Trantras Dot=Collections of eosinophils at limbus in vernal conjunctivitis.
Kayes' dot=subepithelial infiltrates seen in corneal graft rejection
Mittendorf's dot=whitish spot at posterior lens surface,remnant of hyaloid artery.
Roth spots=haemorrhageswith white centres,seen in SABE, severe anaemia,collagen vascular disorders.
Missed some entity !!let me know...