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e Journal of Ophthalmology

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Spots & Dots @ophthalmology: Revisited

Bitot's spot=White,foamy area of keratinising squamous metaplasia of bulbar conjunctiva,seen in vitamin A deficiency.
Brushfield spot=Whitish grey spot in peripheral iris,seen in Down's syndrome.
Elschnig spot=Yellow patches overlying area of choroidal infarction in hypertension.
Fischer-Khunt spot=Senile scleral paque,area of hyalinised sclera anterior horizontal rectus muscle insertion.Seen in old age.
Fuch's spot=Pigmented (RPE hyperplasia) macular leisons in pathological myopia.
Gunn's dot=light reflectios from internal limiting membrane around disc and macula
Horner-Trantras Dot=Collections of eosinophils at limbus in vernal conjunctivitis.
Kayes' dot=subepithelial infiltrates seen in corneal graft rejection
Mittendorf's dot=whitish spot at posterior lens surface,remnant of hyaloid artery.
Roth spots=haemorrhageswith white centres,seen in SABE, severe anaemia,collagen vascular disorders.
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Give me red!!!

Red Atlas.... a good collection of ophthalmic cases. Click here to visit the page

Check out the old one!!!

According to the owner, this website was "Originally Created to aid revision for the Royal College Ophthalmology Oral and Written Exams, this site can also be used to revise for the American Board of Ophthalmology Oral and Written Exams as well as for the annual OKAP Exams".But its very disheartening to see that such a informative website is not maintained properly.Wish the owner (Mr.Mounir Bashour) will pay some attention to upgrade the website regularly!!The website contains mnemonics,lecture notes,oral questions of the examinations,tips and tricks for the examinees- a must for ophthalmologist students!!
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Ophthalmic Videos

This website contains a huge collections of videos uploaded by the site owner.It also contains a section which contains few tips to improve powerpoint presentation.The website also contains a book named "Ophthobook" which is a very informative but one of the shortest ophthalmology books .

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Retina Radio

It is a new concept!! you like it or not.....it is going to bring a new revolution in the fields of ophthalmology.Retina radio!! where you can listen to the podcast on various retinal diseases and their management.You can download the podcast in your MP3 player and listen to it.Full text is available,but needs registration.So check it the podcasts for free!!!
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Website of the month

Here are the links for Kerala Journal of Ophthalmology published by Kerala Society of Ophthalmic surgeons.Its free of charges and files can be downloaded in .pdf formats.This journals are very informative and includes articles of many eminenet ophthalmologists of the country.PG tear sheet is very useful for the postgraduate students.
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Ocular trauma

Assessment and Management of Ocular Trauma section of eyeround is written by Sudeep Pramanik and edited by Andrew Doan. According to them "this guide was written to help young residents and medical students learn about the assessment and management of open globes and ocular trauma at the University of Iowa".But this page is equally important for us.Dont forget to visit the page.Click here to visit the page

Cataract surgery for greenhorns

Cataract surgery for greenhorns ....it is a blog by Thomas A Oetting ,Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology University of Iowa VAMC Iowa City.His blog is "for those learning the art and science of cataract surgery". He dedicated his blog to the residents whom he has grown up with over the 11 years at the university of iowa.Must for learner like us!!!

Atlas of ophthalmology

This is an excellent site containing pictorial documentation of eye diseases.This site is free of charges.Presently the Atlas contains more than 2500 pictures.Check it. http://www.atlasophthalmology.com/

ICO International Clinical Guidelines

which include the guidelines for
Age-related Macular Degeneration (Initial and follow-up evaluation & Management recommendations) ,Amblyopia (Initial and follow-up evaluation) ,Bacterial Keratitis (Initial evaluation & Management recommendations) ,Blepharitis (Initial and follow-up evaluation),Cataract (Initial evaluation),Conjunctivitis (Initial evaluation),Dry Eye (Initial evaluation) ,Diabetic Retinopathy (Initial and follow-up evaluation & Management recommendations) ,Esotropia (Initial and follow-up evaluation) ,Eye Disease in Leprosy (Initial evaluation and management) ,Posterior Vitreous Detachment, Retinal Breaks and Lattice Degeneration (Initial and follow-up evaluation) ,Primary Angle Closure (Initial evaluation) Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (Initial evaluation) ,Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (Follow-up evaluation) ,Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma Suspect (Initial and follow-up evaluation) ,Trachoma

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Ophthalmology Question Database for Board Review

A unique database of questions for borad review examination from medround publications.

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Question Bank

We are planning to prepare a data base on theory/Viva questions asked in exams...mainly DNB ophthalmology,MS,DOMS or DO.We request our all the readers to contribute questions to enrich the ideas.Your name along with photos will be published on our website.

Retinal physician

Here is the link for free journal from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins VisionCare Group the "Retinal Physician"

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Website of the Month

Here is the collections of unlimited medical E-Books.Take a tour & start downloading your need!!

FDA approved drugs in Ophthalmology

Here is useful list of FDA Approved Drugs for Ophthalmology year wise.


Is the dream of treating AMD with an eye drop now a reality?Read the first report in the literature of a topical eye drop effectively inhibiting retinal and chroidal neovascularization. Click here to download the pdf file

Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy

Two weblinks that only deals with Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy

Contact Lens

Here is a nice collection of news & articles published on various contact lens.Have a look

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

All about Computer Vision Syndrome !!

Cataract..Board review

Dr. Tom Oettings's Board Review for Cataract!! a nice E-Book for ophthalmology professionals..


This is the resource provided by the canadian neuro-ophthalmology group.CHECK IT OUT!!



Oculoplasty unlimited!!

This is an excellent site on oculoplasty...Meronk Eyelid Plastic Surgery.Starting from the atlas of eyelid anatomy,they have provided Eyelid Surgery Videos,Insider's Guide to Blepharoplasty,Operations Step-by-Step,Eyelid QuickNotes,Blepharoplasty Photos in a very nice way. Must watch!!

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Normal fundus

Here is a powerpoint presentaion on normal fundus.You can also share your powerpoint present in web.Send us your .ppt file & a passport size digital photo of you to drparthopratim@gmail.com

Laser Eye Surgery - LASIK & PRK

Information on excimer laser eye surgery, photorefractive keratectomy (prk) and other refractive eye surgery such as RK, ALK and LASIK.

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Free access to full text of this book in either pdf format or in html full text.Check it !!

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Pearls in Ophthalmology.

Just check out the link guys!! Its awesome
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Histology of Eye

This one is a useful site from the University of Kansas Medical Center which contains a number of histological images of parts of the normal eye. Images may be enlarged for better viewing>
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Website of the month

A very helpful & useful website for the students of ophthalmology is http://www.academy.org.uk/tutorials/tutorial.htm# .
Devloped by Vutest, the VDU online screening system.
Designed by EyeLab Ltd and available now.Specially simulation series of Gonioscopy ,IDO, Slitlamp examionations are really good.Check out!!!!!!!!!!
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Return to the basics

Here are few resources on IDO
2. http://www.opt.indiana.edu/riley/HomePage/BIO_lecture_notes/TEXT_BIO_Exam3.html


This is a site which contains a software named squintmaster,designed and developed by Dr. Sudhir Singh of Rajastan.'The SquintMaster software is very user friendly and users need not to have any formal computer training to use SquintMaster software"claims the website.We are waiting for our readers response.Send us your review!!
Click the link.... >http://www.squintmaster.com/

Animated clipart of Ophthalmology

Here is a nice collection of cliparts.Check this out.Hope you will like the link... http://www.mrcophth.com/eyeclipartchua/imagetitle.html

Dou you Know!!!!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes was an Ophthalmologist.
Albert Einstein's eyes were removed by his ophthalmologist Dr. Henry Abrams during the autopsy in 1955 and stored . The eyes wereput up for auction in 1994.
The term "Uvea"was first used by Galen, a Roman physician to include both the choroid and the iris because they resemble a grape from which the stalk had been torn out leaving a hole in front, the hole being the pupil of the eye.
Lewis Carroll had episodes of micropsia during his migraine attacks which made him to conceive the idea of Alice seeing things smaller than they were.

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Human Eye

An interesting sites on Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Human Eye.Check this out!!!!

Boston Retinal Implant Project (BRIP)

The core strategy of the Boston Retinal Implant Project (BRIP) is to create novel engineering solutions to treat blinding diseases that elude other forms of treatment. Their specific goal is to develop an implantable microelectronic prosthesis to restore vision to patients with certain forms of retinal blindness. For more details click the link http://www.bostonretinalimplant.org/
Want the lecture notes on strabismus by Dr.Ravi Thomas? And many more e resources ??Click the link http://www.cybersight.org/bins/home.asp


After conducting 150 eye operations free of cost within 14-and-a-half-hours in 2006, Dr S P Singh, Director of the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, is eyeing the Guinness Book of World Records. He now plans to conduct 200 free operations in 15 hours in November to register his name in the record book. So far, all his bulk operations have been free of cost. In March 5, 2001, Singh had set a record in the Limca Book of Records by performing 81 operations — Intra Ocular Lense (IOL) — in 11 hours at one go. Source: Indian Express

Diabetic Retinopathy

Its an excellent link for Diabetic Retinopathy Guidelines.Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is an important link http://www.blepharospasm.org/ ...the pages of blepharospasm information sponsored by Benign Essential Blepharospasm Research Foundation.Check it Out!!!!!


Here the name of the Web Book is Strabismus.Written byScott E. Olitsky, M.D. of The Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City and Leonard B. Nelson, M.D. of Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia. Hope you will enjoy it!! http://www.members.aol.com/scottolitsky/webbook.htm

The Joy of Visual Perception

The name of this web book is The Joy of Visual Perception.Written by Peter K. Kaiser.Read it & let us know how you liked it!!


Central Retinal Vein Occlusion.

Seminar on CRVO?Thesis on CRVO?Case presentation? Check this link.. Article by ophthalmology legend Sohan Singh Hayreh http://webeye.ophth.uiowa.edu/dept/crvo/