Website of the month

Website: http://www.mrcophth.com/
Thanks to Professor C.N.Chua of UNIMAS for maintaing this site for the ophthalmology trainees like us. Mainly built for those appearing for MRCOphth, but this site has an excellent resource materials for the ophthalmologists too. Salient feature of the website is:
- Beautiful illustrious description of Common investigations Ultrasound ,Hess charts ,CT scans ,MRI scans ,Fluorescein angiography
- Ophthalmic trials & guidelines
- Clinical and surgical skills which include a elaborative description of the instruments
- Videos Featuring clinical examination of eye
- Electronic books featuring MCQs, Trials etc.
- Clinical case reviews
- Pictures, animated clip arts, images which you can use in your presentation
- Ophthalmology gallery featuring history of ophthalmology, Ophthalmic eponyms ,Blindness in art ,Ophthalmic philately See the world through FDCs , Atlas of ophthalmic stamps