Book Review

An extraordinary book written by Dr. Tanuj Dada. Elaborative text along with labelled pictures is main attraction of this book.Language used is very simple & the whole concept of gonioscopy was presented in a very student friendly manner.The CD-rom containing powerpint shows and lots of illustartius pictures is a bonus.
Publishers: Jaypee Brothers.
PRICE: Rs. 995.00

Covers the basic principles of gonioscopy, indications for use, various types of gonioscopes, technique of gonioscopy, normal angle anatomy, and special techniques for dynamic gonioscopy.
Includes various pathological conditions which can alter the anatomy of the anterior chamber angle
Detailed text with schematic diagrams, with colour photographs of the anterior chamber angle in the text and DVD
Includes video clips on the actual method of performing goniosccopy with various lenses and manipulations in order to facilitate skills transfer and training for resident doctors.